Expert Alice Springs mechanic

At Alice Springs Brake & Clutch we are automotive experts who specialise in repairing brakes and clutches for all different types of vehicles. We are able to work on domestic, 4WDs, caravans, trailers, trucks, tractors and even some types of industrial vehicles!


Alice Springs Brake and Clutch Services

  • Brake & Clutch Repairs: Specialists in the area, we are able to diagnose and repair your brake and clutch problems to ensure you are on the road and travelling safely.
  • Parts and Sales: We offer the largest range of parts in Alice Springs. Quality products including brake pads, rotors, clutches, brake cylinders and boosters.
  • Brake Discs,¬†Drum Machining and Flywheel Grinding
  • Authorised Brake Hose (stainless steel and braided) and Pipe Manufacturing
  • Repairs or Replacement of Gearboxes
  • Suspension Work
  • Expert Alice Springs Mechanic